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'mun and muse are both over 18'

Character Profile:

Wes is a former Dalton Academy student, first introduced in Never Been Kissed as a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers. He is one of Blaine's friends and along with him and David, catches Kurt "spying" on the glee club and the school. Kurt first thought that Wes was gay due to the stereotype of the school, however, Blaine states that Wes has a girlfriend. In Special Education, it is revealed that both he and David are two of three upperclassmen in the council that leads the Warblers, as they do not have a Director.

Wes is portrayed by Telly Leung.

Clique: Dalton Academy Warblers
Education: Dalton Academy
Awards: 1st Place (tie) - 2010 Western Ohio Sectionals Championship

Wes seems to be a loyal student of Dalton Academy, as he is seen stating random facts complete with dates about the school and the Warblers. Being an upperclassman and one of the members of the Council, he is somewhat seen as a "tight-ass", although he rarely argues with his fellow Warblers and keeps his cool (unlike David and Thad). It can be concluded that he is the Council Head, since the power of the gavel was bestowed upon him, and he sits in the center of the council desk. He is also the one in charge of officially opening and closing Warbler meetings, and seems to have the final word on decisions made by the team. He follows a strict "Majority rules" principle. His role as a person of authority in the Warblers could be seen in some instances, where he is seen to be somebody in charge of the choir who marks time and signals the Warblers when and how to sing. Wes is clearly not a homophobe, one of his best friends being openly gay. He also seems to value Kurt's suggestions and talent.

Upon graduating Dalton, Wes accepted a scholarship at Princeton, where he is going to school to be a lawyer. He is currently dating Blaine's sister, Sierra Anderson ([personal profile] lyricalmadness).
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